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Col. David & Elsa Oalang

Territorial Commander & Territorial President of Women's Ministries

Lt. Col.

Chief Secretary

Lt. Col.

Secretary for Business Administration

Lt. Col.

Secretary for Personnel Administration

Lt. Col.

Secretary for Program Administration



Divisional Commander
Northern Luzon Division


Divisional Commander
Central Philippines Division


Divisional Commander
Visayas Islands Division


Divisional Commander
Mindanao Islands Division


The Red Shield

The Red Shield of The Salvation Army is the trademark of its human services work. The Red Shield Services began in 1896. The message of the Shield tells us of a fight on the spiritual battlefield which must last as long as life itself and that God in Jesus Christ is a shield to protect and save us to the uttermost. Every year, The Salvation Army launches its Red Shield Appeal, aiming to raise funds to help our neighbors in the poverty line, especially during calamities and devastating situations that challenge the fortitude and faith of our people.

The Crest

The Crest first appeared in print in 1897. The design is credited to Captain William H. Ebdon. The emblems in the Crest symbolize the teachings of The Salvation Army. The round figure [the Sun] represents the light and fire of the Holy Ghost. The cross in the center represents the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. The "S" stands for "salvation". The cross swords represent the warfare for salvation. The shots, or the dots, represent the seven truths of the Gospel. The crown represents the glory which God will bestow upon all his soldiers remaining faithful to the end.

The Flag

The Flag [Colours] of The Salvation Army represents the Godhead. The blue border represents the purity of God, engulfing the crimson red field of the flag which represents the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ that is shed for the remission of sins of the whole world. The eight-section star in the middle represents the fire of the Holy Ghost, inscribed with The Salvation Army motto, "Blood & Fire", announcing to the whole world of the purifying blood of Jesus Christ that is shed on the cross, and the purifying fire of the Holy Ghost that equips all believers to be preserved blameless until the end.

Military Structure

The quasi-military leadership and management structure of The Salvation Army is used for its efficiency and discipline. The international leader of The Salvation Army is called the General. Officers are ranked by seniority and merit. Women hold equal rank with men, and enjoy the same opportunities and privileges men have. Each officers are ready to be transferred post to anywhere in the world where the Army has its ministry. This high mobility boosts effectiveness in doing ministerial work all throughout the world.


A commissioned officer is a Salvationist who has been trained, commissioned, and ordained to service and leadership in response to God’s call. These commissioned officers are recognized ministers of religion and performs pastoral duties.

A soldier in The Salvation Army is a converted person at least 14 years of age who has went through recruit class and has been approved and endorsed by the Pastoral Care Council for enrollment as a full-time member of the Army evidenced by the signing of the Soldier’s Covenant [formerly known as The Articles of War].

An adherent of the The Salvation Army is a member that has not made a commitment to become a full-time soldier.