Our History

The first Protestant preaching of the gospel in The Philippines was undertaken by Major John Milsaps, a chaplain appointed to accompany US troops from San Francisco to Manila in July 1898. Major Milsaps conducted open-air and regular meetings and led many into a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Major John Milsaps

> Major John Milsaps

The advance of The Salvation Army in The Philippines came at the initiative of Filipinos who had been converted through contact with the Army in Hawaii and then returned to their homeland. During the period 1933-37 they commenced meetings in Panay, Luzon, Cebu and Mindanao Islands. In June 1937 Colonel and Mrs Alfred Lindvall officially inaugurated this widespread work.

Colonel Alfred Lindvall

Colonel Alfred Lindvall

The Salvation Army was incorporated in 1963 as a religious and charitable corporation under Company Registration No 24211. The Salvation Army Social Services were incorporated in 1977 as a social welfare and development corporation under Company Registration No 73979 and The Salvation Army Educational Services was incorporated in 2001 as an educational corporation under Company Registration No A200009937.