Our values

Discipline: We are convinced that discipline is a vital policy for all soldiers and officers in maintaining Christian witness. As Salvationist we are representing a Holy God with a mission. A life of integrity and confidentiality is the result of our faithful walk with the living God. This is our key to effective Christian spiritual influence.

Holiness: We value holiness as the ultimate goal of our Christian experience and union with Christ. We believe that the Holy Spirit cleanses us from all sins, renews us in the image of God, empower us to love God with all our heart, soul and mind and produces in us the character of Christ. This is demonstrated by our Strong Faith, Servant Leadership and relationship with others.

Excellence: We recognize that excellence is the standard in all our ministries and service. We are committed to achieving common goals through teamwork, and persistently present our corporate image with competence and consistency. We recognize the accomplishment of our soldiers and lead them by example.

Loyalty: We affirm that loyalty to God and to The Salvation Army- with all its principles, doctrines, regulations and practices- is imperative in preserving the unique characteristic of the Army including its internationalism. A Salvationist will express his loyalty not only by his own intelligent and responsible obedience but by his effort to evoke a like spirit among his fellow Salvationist.

Passion for Soul: We place importance in passion for soul as an essential characteristic in fulfilling the great commission. We believe that “God so loved the world” and that every believer who responds to this love, in consequence possesses the compassionate heart of God. It is this same compassion and every Salvationist’s love for God that compels him/her to reach out to the lost and the needy world and bring them to Christ.

Stewardship: We maintain that stewardship is one of the visible expressions of spiritual maturity in building the kingdom of God. We are a people called to live simply and sacrificially. We believe that everything belongs to God and that He has called us to serve as good and just stewards of all that has been entrusted to us. We encourage and promote accountability in the wise management and responsible usage of these resources.