Educational Service Schools

The Salvation Army Educational Service Schools offer courses from Pre-Elementary though to Grade 12. We serve 62 students/month, on average, and employee 4 full-time staff members.

Skills Training

The Salvation Army run a 3 month Skills Training program in the city of Lapu-Iapu providing high speed sewing machines and edging/computer machines for 30 youths and women. We currently employee 1 officer and 1 trainer.

Child Care Learning Centres

Our Child Care Learning Centres are designed as a self-supported program that aims to reach under-privileged families within every community of the Philippines. The Salvation Army currently serves, on average, 40 children each month and employee 3 full-time staff.

After School Feeding

The Salvation Army offers educational tutorials for school aged children in need, every weekday, through our After School Feeding program. We provide small meals during this time and help 25 children per month and employee 2 full-time staff in each region.