Joyville Children’s Home

Joyville Children’s Home was set up in 1992 for street children gathered from the streets or markets. The children run away from their families for various reasons, a common factor being abuse – physical, mental and sexual.

The Salvation Army has taken the responsibility to ‘joyfully’ help these children with a holistic program that focuses on each child so their innate potential and personal skills can be developed. The children range from young children to teenagers. It is a residential home in a rural area so the children can learn agricultural skills such as raising pigs, tending rice crops, fish ponds, etc. to give them some chance of making a living in the future.


Rehabilitation and development of children in need of special protection


To facilitate the development of children and empower them to become skilled and confident individuals and teach the Gospel with practical ministry


  1. Provide an education, medical needs, counseling, psychological support
  2. Provide a loving Christian environment for children at risk
  3. Provide safe accommodation for children in difficult situations
  4. Develop and mobilize children’s potentials and skills.
  5. Create opportunities for children to become passionate for learning
  6. To lead the children into a personal relationship with God
  7. To build self-worth and a sense of personal respect
  8. Facilitate children’s reintegration with their families and the communities
  9. Provide opportunities for Independent Living for young adults with ages between 16- 21 years old.

Target Clientele & Criteria

Target Clientele:

  • Street children (indigent/poor)
  • Children in need of special protection who have been neglected or maltreated/physically abused.

Term of Care:
It is possible for children to complete their schooling at Joyville as we provide long-term accommodation and care. In saying this, we are aware that there are circumstances when it is best for a child to move to another center or return to their family. The needs of the child will be considered and a decision will be individually based what will benefit their ongoing development. The maximum number of children the home care can accommodate at is 30 children.

Criteria for admission

  1. Children must be between 7-12 years old upon admission
  2. Must be Street children, neglected or abused
  3. Children at risk and in need of special protection
  4. Must be free from communicable diseases
  5. The Independent Living (IL) is for students attending high school and are aged 16-21 years old. Only children who have been through the Joyville Children’s Program can be accepted into the “IL” program, this will be based on their individual efforts and sense of responsibility.

Program and services

Child Development Program
Home Life, Health Care, Educational Services, Recreational and Cultural
Recovery and Healing Program
Counseling, Group Work/Dynamics, Psychological and Spiritual, Support System, Music/Art Therapy, Group Living, transfers/Referrals, Case Management, Livelihood/Skills Training
Independent Living (IL) Program